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H.O.P.E. Recovery

At New Hope CDC, we prioritize accessible healthcare for all Cape Fear residents, including mental health and addiction treatment, for comprehensive community well-being.

The addiction crisis is not a distant issue; it's not just something on the news or in the movies. It's not just someone else's problem. The stark reality reverberates in the struggles of individuals and families across the nation, and here in the Cape Fear region. Addiction leaves a trail of broken dreams and fractured relationships. Lives are being derailed, and the toll is evident in the empty stares of those grappling with the relentless pull of substances. The crisis is not just a statistic; it's the face of a neighbor, a friend, or a family member caught in a relentless battle, highlighting the urgent need for community action and compassion.

Recovery is one of the four founding pillars that New H.O.P.E CDC will address. We have a unique approach that teams those fighting addiction with individuals who know exactly what they're going through because they've been there themselves. As a poet once said, 'When someone is in a hole, the best way to help is to jump into the depths with them and show them the way out.

This peer support outreach works because it offers no judgment. Peers provide daily support, help in organizing goals, assist in navigating the system to find community resources, improve daily living skills, and even participate together in support groups.

New H.O.P.E. CDC recognizes that behind every struggle with substance abuse lies a complex and deeply human story. Getting involved person-to-person is a testament to our shared humanity, acknowledging the intrinsic worth and potential for redemption within each person. By extending a helping hand, we affirm that recovery is not just about overcoming chemical dependencies but restoring dignity, rebuilding fractured relationships, and rediscovering a sense of purpose. It is a collective responsibility to foster a culture of compassion, understanding, and support, empowering those in recovery to reclaim their lives and rewrite their stories with hope, strength, and purpose.

Facilitating programs that support the integration of individuals in recovery back into their communities. This includes social activities, community events, and networking opportunities to help rebuild social connections and reduce feelings of isolation. Through community integration, we aim to create a supportive environment that encourages personal growth and resilience.

Community Integration

New H.O.P.E. CDC believes in the power of peer support because we understand that sharing burdens often lessens their weight. Facilitated by a peer support specialist, we assist individuals grappling with mental illness or addiction in discussing their experiences, struggles, and challenges. Peer support serves as a crucial anchor for those on the road to recovery, equipping them with skills to live more effectively in their communities. This form of support can be liberating, helping individuals realize they are not alone in their struggles, fostering hope and trust.

Peer Support Program

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