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H.O.P.E. Economic Empowerment

Our team is dedicated to creating economic opportunities for all citizens in the Cape Fear region. We focus on supporting local small businesses, with the vision of establishing a community center.

In our everyday lives, economic inequities are more than just numbers on a spreadsheet – they're the lived experiences of our neighbors, friends, and community members. The harsh reality is that not everyone begins the race of life from the same starting line. Some folks face hurdles that seem insurmountable, like limited access to quality education, job opportunities, or even basic necessities. Yet, ensuring equal access to opportunities isn't just a task for policymakers or those at the top – it's a shared responsibility that starts right in our own communities.

New H.O.P.E. CDC is dedicated to giving people a chance to prove themselves and discover their own value. Our vision is to team up with minority- and women-owned businesses in our community, providing mentors and knowledge that will empower them to grow their position in the local marketplace. New H.O.P.E. Enterprises will assist small business owners with branding, marketing, scheduling, sales, hiring, and communication services. We understand that when one of these businesses succeeds, they will be in a position to turn around and help others up the ladder.

Opening the doors of opportunity means recognizing that each person, regardless of background or circumstances, has unique talents and potential waiting to be unleashed. It's about creating jobs, but it's also about fostering a collective mindset that values diversity and inclusion. By creating an environment where everyone has a fair shot at success, we not only uplift individuals but enrich our communities as a whole. After all, the doors of opportunity aren't just there to be opened; they're meant to stay wide open for everyone, ensuring a brighter and more equitable future for us all.

Recognizing the importance of a diverse and inclusive workforce, our training programs will educate businesses on the benefits of diversity and provide tools to cultivate an inclusive environment. By fostering a collective mindset that values differences, we aim to create workplaces where everyone has an equal opportunity to thrive and contribute to the success of the community.

We also plan to empower small business owners with practical skills and knowledge through our series of workshops. These workshops are designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools they need to succeed in a competitive business environment.

We are looking to bring together local businesses and job seekers, providing a platform for networking, interviews, and potential job placements. By connecting employers with diverse talent, we contribute to building a workforce that reflects the richness and variety of our community.

Future Workshops, Job Fairs, and more!

Connecting experienced professionals with aspiring entrepreneurs from minority- and women-owned businesses, our future programs aims to provide guidance, insights, and support. Mentors will share their expertise in areas such as business strategy, marketing, and leadership, fostering personal and professional growth for a more inclusive and thriving local marketplace.

H.O.P.E . Services

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