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Sharm Brantley

On the walls of Sharm Brantley's office, resonates the empowering phrase: "Why not you?" Originally spoken by Pastor Rob Campbell, these words serve as a perpetual reminder of the transformative potential inherent in every individual, shaping Sharm's guiding principles and personal mantra.

This pivotal conversation laid the foundation for the establishment of Sharm’s enterprise, Level Up Strategies. Since its inception in 2019, Sharm and her dedicated team have empowered numerous local small businesses and non-profit organizations, assisting them in discovering their voices and unlocking their full potential. Their comprehensive services encompass vision casting, goal formulation, strategic analysis, accounting, tax advisory, grant writing/reporting, and coaching sessions, ensuring clients navigate through execution and operations seamlessly.

The profound impact of a single kind word is evident in Sharm's journey. With over 25 years of expertise in Business Operations and diverse accounting functions spanning industries such as Transportation, Retail, Manufacturing, Distribution, and Hospitality, Sharm's innate ability to inspire and uplift others aligns seamlessly with her role.

When Pastor Campbell extended an invitation to join the vision of New H.O.P.E CDC, Sharm embraced the opportunity without hesitation. His vision resonated deeply with her belief in the untapped potential residing within ordinary individuals, particularly in underserved communities.

As Treasurer and lead grant writer, Sharm plays a pivotal role in securing funding for life-changing programs. Through her relentless efforts, she has successfully raised over $750k, amplifying the impact of their mission and ensuring that no potential remains untapped.

Sharm is a passionate leader committed to driving economic development and advocating for underserved communities. As Chairperson of the Workforce Housing Advisory Committee, she focuses on ensuring access to affordable housing.  With 26 years of marriage and six children, Sharm values family deeply, cherishing her role as a grandmother of two amazing grandsons. She enjoys travel, motorcycles, billiards, movies, and the simple pleasures of hot coffee and fresh flowers.

Strategist/Grant Writer

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