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Doug Wahl

Doug Wahl serves as our Director of Communications. He moved to Wilmington in 2006 after accepting a job as the Managing Editor for WECT-TV.  An award broadcast journalist, Doug spent 20 years traveling the country as an anchor, reporter, and eventually a member of newsroom management.  He has worked at television stations in Michigan, Minnesota, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Louisiana, and North Carolina.

New H.O.P.E CDC is Doug’s latest adventure in the Wilmington non-profit sector. Previously he has served as a volunteer with Lower Care Life Care, creating video documentaries telling the stories of terminally patients. His efforts resulted in Doug being named the state’s 2017 Hospice Volunteer of the year by the Association of Home and Hospice care of North Carolina.

In 2019 Doug co-found Therapize with Dr. Karen Harum, a Wilmington based Neurodevelopmental Pediatrician. The non-profit creates sensory friendly events for kids on the Autism Spectrum. He served as the organizations Community Outreach Director for five years, leaving only after accepting his role with New H.O.P.E

“Wilmington is a town of transports. Everyone is from somewhere else. We all choose to settle in the Cape Fear region because we fell in love with this place. But I think moving here comes with the responsibility of making a difference. I believe working with the New H.O.P.E CDC family provides an opportunity to really have an impact on the city and to give back to a place that has meant so much to me.”

Doug is a native Detroiter, and in his spare time closely follows his hometown sports teams. He is an avid Lions, Tigers and Red Wings’ fan with a special place in his heart for University of Michigan football

His first book, Gradually to God: Finding faith at the Crossroads, was published in 2011.

Communications Director

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